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The Great flood is coming!

Although not quite sure of its meaning, Phil and Maude Floodless have been warned they can expect to become ‘inundated’ as rising flood waters threaten to converge on their regional city.

Dip into the world of what happens to ordinary folk when inundation looms in this delightful community theatre piece.

Coming Soon!

Bollywood Crazy

At last – all the mystery, music, moves and magic that say – Bollywood!

Bollywood Crazy

An exciting high school musical where East meets West in a rich fusion of contemporary and Bollywood-styled music, offering wonderful performance opportunities for your music, theatre, dance and costume teams - ideal for larger casts!

Battle of the Bands

It’s every young band’s dream... to rock out on the big stage to thousands of screaming fans.  Four young musicians are about to find out that it’s a long way to the top! 

That's My Sound

From the writer of Little Stars and Snap!, our new musical is a story of honesty winning out, and live rock ‘n’ roll triumphing over manufactured pop! Give your cast a chance to live out their own dreams of rock stardom!

Man Of Steel

Performed 1,000's of times and loved by school students and audiences around the world!
The cult-classic quintessential school musical available now
Ken Clarke, reporter by day, and heroic Man of Steel when the need arises to save heroine Linda Street
from the clutches of the evil Big Boss Olga. But Superheroes don’t have girlfriends and fall in love ... or do they?

Large cast, great leads, multiple chorus groups, with a wonderful score
Free script and music samples here Man of Steel

High School Spoof-ical!

Welcome to Sweet Valley High where Zak and Vanessa, are planning to unleash their extraordinary talents upon the high school musical.

High School Spoofical

But when a redheaded exchange student named Rufus arrives on campus, things suddenly become terribly undisneyfied. It’s a musical phenomenon filled with romance, magic, and god-awful singing! It’s High School Spoof-ical!

Little Stars

 Little Stars is a great new rock and roll musical that's just perfect for senior primary to lower and middle high school students.

Bring'Em On

Follow the behind the scenes story of five finalists (and their neurotic parents) as they compete in the national TV hit sensation singing competition seeking the next ... Little Star!


Finding Jamie Ryan  (One Act Play / 10-15 Years)
Two school monitors, one mission: to bring in Jamie Ryan. The Principal has given Corey and Quinton a job to do but can ...

God Goes to a Shrink  (One Act Play / Adults)
God, disguised as a female Coles delicatessen worker, seeks counselling from an atheist psychologist with a dim-witted ...

Golf, Marriage and Other Murderous Matters  (One Act Play / Adults)
One definition of farce is that it's all about ordinary people put into extraordinary situations – and then watching them ...

Here's The Thing  (One Act Play / Adults)
Amanda didn’t expect to have much more than a blinding headache after her big night out on the town with her newly divorced ...

That Woman  (Two Act Play / Adults)
The 1920s, the elite of New York’s beauty business – a sure formula for style and glitz. However, beneath the veneer of ...



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